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Grapat Mandala Blue Raindrops

Rp380,000 Rp266,000

This set includes 36 wooden rain drop shapes painted in three shades of blue.

Grapat mandala pieces in the shape of little raindrops are going to make an amazing addition to your play collection. Use to decorate a scene and signify that it’s raining, make rivers, splashes or anything else water related these really are perfect for imaginative play. Of course these rain drops are wonderful for mandala making too, add the element of water to your art. Sure to inspire all kinds of creativity and fire up imaginations young and old.

A Mandala is a circular form of art that can be used to enhance mindfullness and can be enjoyed by all. Simply create a circular shape with repeated patterns. Grapat mandala pieces can be used on their own or in conjunction with other art like drawing, items from nature, shapes in the sand or anything you wish. Creating a mandala is a form of meditation and a lovely way to for children to concentrate.

Suitable for 3+ years. Each drop measures 32mm in height

Grapat toys are designed to embolden the natural desire to play within every child.  Simplistic toys made from natural materials allow children to play freely without rules or structure, playing discovering and learning.  Sure to be a favourite with Montessori toy lovers, counting, sorting and open ended play galore.  Grapat toys are famed for the “Nins”, a beautiful range of traditional Waldorf toy peg dolls available in a plethora of colours and designs that give them real character.  Grapat toys exude the natural beauty of the earth made using locally sourced sustainable wood and finished with water based colour stain that is safe for children and will not chip away.  Nurture your child’s instincts to play and create their own imaginary worlds with Grapat.

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