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About Us


Our Story

Our journey begins with parenthood. A new, exciting stage of life we all look forwards to. When it comes to our little ones, we undoubtedly search for the best. This much is especially true when finding toys to our own precious ones.


We are a small family living in Indonesia raising a boy called Jordan. I bought my son, many toys that simply for amusement. But none of these toys encouraged imaginations and creativity, sparked long-term interests and trained his focus. They were mainly functioned as entertainment, only providing amusement. It was not a wise decision financially either.

So we searched and searched until one day we came across a method called Open-Ended Play. It is an educational play approach based on scientific observations that encourages a supportive learning environment and values the development of a child, considering everything from physical and cognitive development to social and emotional.


We found this type of play is not only more beneficial for our son, but also a delight to the eyes! It also grows with the child, because its limitless ways of use lasts through toddlerhood. Thus when we consider overall; the quality of toy, it’s many uses, cost per play and resale value, this type of toy is definitely an investment!

We shared their journey of playing and learning together through social media (IG: @hello.im.jordan and for selling toys @little.jordan.toys), and we garnered a lot of positive responses! Many new parents wonder how Jordan, now 20 months old, grows very smart and creative. As open-ended play is a new approach in Indonesia, an innumerable amount of them inquire about their toys.

We hope to support and educate as many parents out there, and wishes to lead a revolution in the children’s open-ended toys distribution in the country where she lives. Let’s be part of this fun & educational parenthood as well!